All Mods working as of March 20 patch.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Introvert Trait Updated AGAIN!

I'm kind of getting the hang of Zerbu's Mod Constructor and tweaking a trait outside of it (a little.)

So now we have the Introvert Trait version 2.5.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

No Food to Inventory After Cooking

Update: Patch March 23rd, 2017 fixed the problem that this mod addresses so it's no longer necessary.

This mod prevents Sims from automatically putting a serving of food in their own inventory after they cook, which they've been doing since the Toddlers patch.

Please read this entire post before downloading because the mod has one possibly undesirable side effect.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Call Over Flexibility

It's always annoyed me that a Sim has to be JUST SO far away in order for the "Call Over" interaction to appear. Why so picky, Maxis? Why can't I "call over" a Sim who's over there in that crowd in the middle of the room when I'm just over here in a quiet corner?

With this mod, you can call over a Sim from a very short or a very long distance. My primary goal was to make a shorter distance call over available, which the mod does well. Basically, you can call over a Sim who's standing right next to your Sim. So you can definitely call over a Sim who is just in the next room or even the same room.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Update to Plasma Mods

Added another one - more fulfilling drinks by permission. HERE

Friday, February 10, 2017

Early Retirement Mod

Updated November 9, 2017

This mod allows Young Adults and Adults to retire from their job by using the phone. Though this can also be accomplished with cheat codes, the mod makes it a bit easier. All it does is change the phone menu to include YA and Adult for the "retire" option. Once they've retired, they'll get a daily pension.

This mod only required the alteration of one file which pertains to retiring by phone, so it shouldn't conflict with other phone mods unless they also involve retiring.

Butler Mods

(Glamour Life Stuff is required for these, obviously!)

I got a little obsessed with butlers when I got Glamour Life Stuff, but I don't like the fact that they can do a lot of inappropriate things freely, like hitting the globe bar 50 times a day and taking bubble baths just because they're bored. And then - they won't go to bed. I couldn't fix the butler not sleeping issue, but I made a workaround that helps with the slow super speed problem, along with no autonomous mods for butler bar globe drinks and bubble baths.

More Fulfilling Plasma

Five separate mods that make various types of plasma consumables more thirst quenching for vampires. The defaults were odd and varied, but no type of plasma did much good. With these mods I changed the following settings for thirst quenchability:

No Energized Buff from High Speed Internet

Updated November 9, 2017

I don't know what Maxis was thinking with this one: The High Speed Internet lot trait boosts writing (wants Inspired mood), programming and video gaming (want Focused mood) - so they made the High Speed Internet moodlet make Sims Energized? Not anymore. With my mod, the High Speed Internet Moodlet just makes a Sim Happy, so you can get them either Inspired or Focused first, then the Happy Internet buff will just boost that mood.

No Auto Grilling

Hate it when your Sim starts grilling an 8-serving meal just because somebody is blocking the way to the leftovers in the fridge? Never fear, the no autonomous grilling mod is here! Works for all Sims including butlers and probably nannies; the latter have not been tested by me personally.

No Auto Make Bar/Globe Drinks

Updated November 9, 2017

This mod stops all autonomous making of bar drinks from all bars and the Glamour Life Stuff globe bar. It works for all Sims as well as butlers for the regular bars; it does NOT work for butlers with the globe bar. A separate mod for that will be coming soon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Introvert Trait UPDATED Feb. 28, 2017!

Updated for compatibility with Nov. 2017 patches/Cats & Dogs

If you have the Cats & Dogs Expansion OR if you don't but are patched up to November 2017 (version 1.36.xxxx), you need to have version 2.6 of the trait. DOWNLOAD HERE

Version 2.5 still works if you are not patched beyond version 1.35 of the game. There were no changes in version 2.6 other than making it compatible with pets.


Updated February 28, 2017!

Changes in Version 2.5:

Introverts get a confidence buff when they are in the presence of another introvert or a loner.

Introverts get a powerful happy boost and buff when in the hidden worlds of Sylvan Glade (Willow Creek) or Forgotten Grotto (Oasis Springs.)

Fixed the CAS animation so Introvert now plays the Bookworm/Creative animation instead of Active.

Changes in Version 2:

Introverts will never roll "Meet Someone New" Whims.

Added Buy Postcard Corkboard and Collect a New Postcard Whims (in other words - get pen pals.)

When an Introvert has the Random Deep Thoughts or Introverting Buffs, the Sim will now be pushed to do things associated with those associated moods (inspired and focused.)

Introverts in general are now pushed to engage in solitary pursuits (autonomous activities related to the bookworm, creative, lazy and geek traits; i.e. play computer games, read, watch TV, paint.) Autonomous desire to do actions related to the outgoing trait is turned down, a lot.

When under the influence of the "Introverting" buff, introverts will have a slightly harder time raising relationship score if socializing at the same time as they have that buff.

In general though, introverts still gain relationship a bit faster and relationships with other Sims don't decay as fast (romances are no different than for other Sims.)


Download Version 2.5

If you currently use an older version of the introvert trait, delete it from your mods folder before loading up the game with the new version 2 file in your mods folder. Then you may have to take any introverts you have into CAS to give them the new introvert trait (even if not necessary, I recommend this, just in case.) 

General info about the trait:

More Gain from Eating Harvestables

Click Photo to Enlarge

Updated June 3, 2017

I was happy when they patched in the ability for Sims to eat fruits and vegetables from their inventory, but disappointed that the increase to their hunger bar from doing it was next to nothing. This mod changes the default gain from 10 to 40. I was aiming for something similar to what it was in Sims 3. 

DOES NOT WORK WITH PLASMA FRUIT FOR VAMPIRES. For that you need my mod here.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cheaper Incense

UPDATED November 9, 2017

Incense is great for setting the appropriate mood, but I think 20 Simoleons for a couple hours of burn time is too much. This mod reduces the price to 5 Simoleons. It doesn't change anything else about incense.