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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Introvert Trait UPDATED Feb. 28, 2017!

Updated for compatibility with Nov. 2017 patches/Cats & Dogs

If you have the Cats & Dogs Expansion OR if you don't but are patched up to November 2017 (version 1.36.xxxx), you need to have version 2.6 of the trait. DOWNLOAD HERE

Version 2.5 still works if you are not patched beyond version 1.35 of the game. There were no changes in version 2.6 other than making it compatible with pets.


Updated February 28, 2017!

Changes in Version 2.5:

Introverts get a confidence buff when they are in the presence of another introvert or a loner.

Introverts get a powerful happy boost and buff when in the hidden worlds of Sylvan Glade (Willow Creek) or Forgotten Grotto (Oasis Springs.)

Fixed the CAS animation so Introvert now plays the Bookworm/Creative animation instead of Active.

Changes in Version 2:

Introverts will never roll "Meet Someone New" Whims.

Added Buy Postcard Corkboard and Collect a New Postcard Whims (in other words - get pen pals.)

When an Introvert has the Random Deep Thoughts or Introverting Buffs, the Sim will now be pushed to do things associated with those associated moods (inspired and focused.)

Introverts in general are now pushed to engage in solitary pursuits (autonomous activities related to the bookworm, creative, lazy and geek traits; i.e. play computer games, read, watch TV, paint.) Autonomous desire to do actions related to the outgoing trait is turned down, a lot.

When under the influence of the "Introverting" buff, introverts will have a slightly harder time raising relationship score if socializing at the same time as they have that buff.

In general though, introverts still gain relationship a bit faster and relationships with other Sims don't decay as fast (romances are no different than for other Sims.)


Download Version 2.5

If you currently use an older version of the introvert trait, delete it from your mods folder before loading up the game with the new version 2 file in your mods folder. Then you may have to take any introverts you have into CAS to give them the new introvert trait (even if not necessary, I recommend this, just in case.) 

General info about the trait:

As a Class A introvert myself I was dying to have an introvert trait in Sims 4. The loner trait is close, but not quite, so thanks to Zerbu's Buff and Trait factory (and now Mod Constructor), I was able to design an introvert trait. 

My introvert trait is not everything I would like it to be due to the fact that I'm still learning how to make traits. I'm going to list some things on my "future plans" list at the bottom of this post, which are things I will add to this trait when and if I learn how! 

The trait does the following things:


A little socialization goes a long way for introverts. Their social need decays more slowly and increases more quickly than for other Sims.


Introverts tend to be good at creative pursuits, and they tend to be intelligent. Creative and mental skills are learned at a slightly faster rate.


Introverts often get whims to do things that require no other Sims, like playing computer games and reading. They value friendships over casual acquaintances so they sometimes want to turn a friendship into a GOOD friendship. Once in awhile they get in a weird mood to want to chat with someone - but they want to be confident when they do it. 


Because introverts value friendships, they are loyal friends. Their relationships decay more slowly than the average Sim.


The trait has four unique buffs, which can make Introverts Focused, Inspired, Tense or Angry (because it's hard being an introvert in an extroverted world!) The angry buff only lasts 2 hours. The "good" buffs last a little longer than the "bad" buffs.

This trait does not overwrite any other traits or conflict with any traits.

AS OF THE TODDLER UPDATE: This trait, like all custom traits made with Zerbu's programs, is actually available for toddlers. But I would not recommend giving a toddler a custom trait because we don't know what kind of chaos that might cause.
Seem to have been fixed.

The Introvert trait is designed to be available from children through elders.

*Fix the Active animation for the trait in CAS (this is caused by Zerbu's Mod Constructor coding.) Done in version 2.5

*Make the trait incompatible with Outgoing trait (unless enough people were to tell me they don't want me to do that!)

* Interactions either for Introverts to do with anyone or with only other Introverts. I'm thinking of friendly chat items such as "Enthuse about cancelled plans," or "Bemoan being asked 'Are you okay? all the time" 

* Prevent Introverts from rolling the "Meet Someone New" Whim Done in Version 2

* Add buffs that Introverts only get in certain situations, such as being all alone or in a crowd. Added buffs in version 2.5

* Add buffs that other Sims get in the presence of introverts (perhaps a tense buff "Unsure how to approach" or something like that.)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the Introvert trait please let me know! 

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