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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Call Over Flexibility

It's always annoyed me that a Sim has to be JUST SO far away in order for the "Call Over" interaction to appear. Why so picky, Maxis? Why can't I "call over" a Sim who's over there in that crowd in the middle of the room when I'm just over here in a quiet corner?

With this mod, you can call over a Sim from a very short or a very long distance. My primary goal was to make a shorter distance call over available, which the mod does well. Basically, you can call over a Sim who's standing right next to your Sim. So you can definitely call over a Sim who is just in the next room or even the same room.

Distance calling over is still limited. With this mod you still cannot:

*Call over a Sim who is on a different floor of the building.

*Call over a non-family member to your home lot without them being invited in first.

And long distance calling over may end up with either the called over or calling over Sim forgetting about the whole thing before the called over Sim has time to get there.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks Judy, well done, and needed! These simple "mods" are so valuable. My favorite was in SIms 3. Don't remember if it was an add on mod or base game cheat but I wish the "come to bed" would come over to 4. How logical, like call over, how 'bout "come to bed" as in, "...are you going to stay up all night fool?" or, more probable, "are you avoiding me, the headache thing again?"