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Friday, February 10, 2017

More Fulfilling Plasma

Five separate mods that make various types of plasma consumables more thirst quenching for vampires. The defaults were odd and varied, but no type of plasma did much good. With these mods I changed the following settings for thirst quenchability:

Permitted drink from wrist - Updated Nov. 9, 2017 You have to go to a lot of trouble to get a Sim to allow you to drink their plasma, and then it's hardly filling. That's not fair, so this mod makes a wrist drink as filling as a neck drink. DOWNLOAD

Plasma Packs - all types, fish, frog and medical (computer purchased) originally had a thirst gain of 28 to 40, depending on which type it was. My mod makes it 60 for all three types. DOWNLOAD

Plasma Jane - Also at 60 with my mod. Originally it was 25. DOWNLOAD

Plasma Fruit - Out of a vampire's inventory, Plasma Fruit was, oddly, a bit higher than other harvestables' hunger gain for human sims at 18.75. But that's still not enough. I made it 40, which puts Plasma Fruit in line with all other harvestables with my More Hunger Gain from Harvestables mod. (These two mods involve completely separate files and are completely compatible with each other.) DOWNLOAD

Plasma Fruit Salad - Updated Nov. 9, 2017 Although vampires with the withered stomach weakness can't tolerate it, those who can will get a thirst boost of 60. Up from the original 30. DOWNLOAD

All of the plasma mods are compatible with each other. I made them separate mods so you can pick and choose how cheaty you want to be. 

None of these mods make the plasma fruit-related options quench a vampire's thirst completely, unless they are near max to begin with. But they do get them through those times when there isn't a human around to provide plasma. 


  1. The plasma fruit salad and plasma fruit mods are downloading the exact same mod. Are they the same mod? Thanks!

  2. No they are not. Let me doublecheck the links.

  3. Changed the links. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Thanks so much! Love your mods, they are the best!