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Saturday, February 18, 2017

No Food to Inventory After Cooking

Update: Patch March 23rd, 2017 fixed the problem that this mod addresses so it's no longer necessary.

This mod prevents Sims from automatically putting a serving of food in their own inventory after they cook, which they've been doing since the Toddlers patch.

Please read this entire post before downloading because the mod has one possibly undesirable side effect.

Toddlers came with a new option for Sims to "pick up serving" of food, which means instead of eating it like they do when they "grab a serving" "pick up serving" means they put it in their inventory.

Because all Sims loves the squishy feel of food in their pocket, or wherever that inventory actually is...

No. It's so they can give a toddler food from their inventory. A nice idea, but unfortunately, something went terribly wrong in the Maxis coding and caused every Sim to immediately pocket a serving of food when they cook. Even though the interaction is actually coded to not be allowed autonomously. 

OMG what went wrong?!  Who knows, and hopefully Maxis will fix this with a patch, but in the meantime, I figured out a way; one way, to stop Sims from putting a serving in inventory, autonomously.

But, this mod also stops them from doing it altogether, because it removes the "pick up serving" option completely. This was the only way I could make the mod work to stop the autonomous action. The mod basically removes the "pick up a serving" option from Sims aged teen to elder (the ones who can cook.) Kids and toddlers can still pick up a serving. I didn't want to mess with their ability to get food in any way.

There may indeed be some other way to edit the file to eliminate the autonomous action after cooking but leave the user-directed option to pick up a serving, but I couldn't figure it out. So for now, while hoping for an official Maxis fix, here is my mod:


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  1. Thank you for this, food in inventory has been driving me mad. The only work around I found was to make them cook when not hungry, but that didn't work for baking. Will try this out today. Thanks again.