All Mods working as of March 20 patch.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 25th Patch

I'm waiting until I get the Parenting pack on Tuesday to check my mods for compatibility with the latest patch. 

I suspect there shouldn't be any problems with most of my mods, with the possible exception of the butler mods since the patch changed butlers a little. 

On Tuesday I'll play test my mods and then fully test them whenever Sims 4 Studio updates for the parenting pack.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pearl the Builder

I got into a building mood recently and went looking for a building challenge. I decided on The Sims 4 Block Party Challenge, which involves tearing down an entire existing neighborhood and rebuilding it with your own lots. I chose Willow Creek.

Even though the rules allow custom content, I decided to make it even more challenging for myself and didn't use any. It wasn't easy! I did allow myself to use Maxis content from any and all packs; I have them all to date. But with one house, I realized as I was going along that I had so far only used base game content, so I decided to make a challenge of making that one house base-game only. That one is called Oak Instead and it replaces, as you might guess, Oakenstead in Willow Creek.

All of the lots are in the gallery. You can find them by searching my ID pearlbh and looking for the hashtag #Sims4BlockParty